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 Mortgage Inspection Services

  Don't Finance Or Refinance Your Home Without Our Mortgage Document Inspection & Review - Don't Get Cheated or Overcharged.  Click here for Press Release.

We have saved thousands of homeowners millions of dollars with our straightforward approach over the last decade. Our Mortgage Document Inspection Report Service has been featured Newsweek Magazine, Money Magazine, Good Housekeeping Magazine, The New York Times, CBS Market Watch, CNN Money, The Los Angeles Times, and numerous other publications, or media outlets. For more information call us anytime at


Our Mortgage Document Inspection Report is specifically designed to make certain a homeowner or home buyer is getting the best possible mortgage product. It is focused on the interest rate being offered along with the costs the lender is charging for the mortgage. All US homeowners wishing to refinance their home or home purchasers attempting to buy a home who have good to extremely good credit are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Mortgage Document Inspection Report because of the potential for cost savings and the peace of mind in knowing you were not overcharged. On average we save a homeowner about to refinance, or a home buyer about to purchase a home hundreds of dollars or more.

What We Do

For individuals about to finance or refinance their home, we will thoroughly examine your Good Faith Estimate & Truth in Lending Statement and provide written suggestions or opinions related to your proposed mortgage type, the interest rate you are being offered. Our mortgage refinance or finance report and analysis will pay particular attention to the costs you are being charged.


Our written Mortgage Document Inspection Report pays particular attention to the following:

  • Our Mortgage Document Inspection Report will address the pro's and con's of the mortgage product you are being offered. Is there a better type of mortgage product out there than the one you are on the verge of getting? As an example, our report will document the cost savings between a 30 year fixed rate mortgage versus a 15 year fixed rate mortgage.

  • If we feel like your lender has inflated your interest rate over the market, we will document it in the report and we will show you what your mortgage payment including principal and interest should be versus what you are being offered. If we can document the fact that the rate you are being offered is an eighth of a point, or a quarter point over market in interest rate charges, this could save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. If we feel like the mortgage interest rate you are being charged is fair, we will tell you so. If we feel like the interest rate you are being offered is unfair, we will say so, and we will recommend other mortgage lenders or banks.

  • Our mortgage document inspection pays close attention to every fee listed on your Good Faith Estimate in relationship to your proposed refinance or home purchase mortgage. If you are being charged too much our report will document the over charge.

  • Our Mortgage Document Inspection is a narrative written report that details everything we like, or do not like about your proposed mortgage. Our Mortgage Document Report is designed to save you money and it is designed to give you peace of mind with respect to the mortgage or costs associated with the mortgage you are being offered. Typically the consumer shares our report with their lender and gets a better mortgage product, lower fees or both.

What We Need From You:

We start this process with a phone interview with you involving what your mortgage objectives are, your credit worthiness, & other basic information we need to do a thorough report for you. In order to complete the report we need the following:

  • A brief telephone interview so we can try to understand a little about you, your credit history, and what your goal is with respect to the mortgage, or refinance.

  • A copy of your Good Faith Estimate

  • A copy of your Truth in Lending Statement

  • If you are using a mortgage broker, we need a copy of their Work Sheet


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