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About Us

America's Watchdog is focused on seeing that all American homeowners are treated fairly by their mortgage lender. In order to achieve this goal we have designed a mortgage document examination that is the most thorough in the United States

Aside from a line-by-line inspection of costs, we look for terms and conditions that may not have been disclosed to the consumer. We include all of our findings in a narrative report along with very specific recommendations as to what the homeowner should do to recover what might be an overcharge from the lender.

In the event that legal action is suggested we will recommend legal resources in your state that will be useful to you. To date a very large number of homeowners have recovered thousands or tens of thousands of dollars because of our initial efforts in the identification of what might be a serious problem with their mortgage.

As evidence of our success many of our nations leading consumer law firms depend upon our expertise to assist in the development of class action lawsuits against bank and mortgage lenders that may have mistreated homeowners



"The Mortgage Inspection Service was instrumental in helping me save over $2000 in uncalled for mortgage fees before I closed on my home loan." "The $35 was the best investment I ever made." "Keep up the good work."

Jim Lowman Baltimore, Maryland



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