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We have saved thousands of homeowners millions of dollars with our Mortgage Inspection Service



An Affordable Mortgage Document Review & Report Designed To Prevent Overcharging

Who should use the
Mortgage Inspection Service?

  Any borrower who is about to finance a home.
  Any homeowner about to refinance their home.
  Any consumer who would like to know if they were cheated or  over-charged when they financed or refinanced their home'

Report turn around time 48 hours or less!

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Don't Finance Or Refinance Your Home Without
Our Mortgage Document Inspection & Review
Don't Get Cheated or Overcharged.

Our mortgage inspection service is designed to assist individual homeowners, who are starting the mortgage process, or who are about to finance or refinance their home. Our service includes a mortgage document examination, a report that details excessive mortgage fees, mortgage product information & what the realistic mortgage costs should be.
If you have already financed or refinanced your home, we will do a thorough examination of your mortgage documents, looking for possible over charges and or other issues.
The Mortgage Inspection Service is the premier mortgage document inspection service in the United States. Our goal is to protect consumers from being cheated or over charged when they finance or refinance their home. Our intent is to save consumers hundreds or thousands of dollars when financing or refinancing a home.

If you are a first time home buyer, if you are about to refinance your home, if you are using an Internet mortgage firm, if you are using a home builders mortgage product, if you are confused by the mortgage process, if you want a second opinion on your mortgage/refinance, if you do not trust your mortgage lender, if you have never met your mortgage lender, if you are a real estate investor financing or refinancing a property, if you do not understand what mortgage fees are appropriate and what mortgage fees or terms are not, you should use the Mortgage Inspection Service. Typically the Mortgage Inspection Service will try to help save a borrower/homeowner hundreds or thousands of dollars in fee reductions and or interest rates that are higher than what the borrower deserved. The Mortgage Inspection Service will also attempt to identify prepayment penalties and or kick backs called yield spread premiums related to increasing the borrowers/ homeowners interest rate as part of their document inspection.





Everyone about to finance a home should use this service. They saved me over $1000." dollars".
 John California

"I have used this service twice & I would highly recommend anyone about to refinance use them.." 
Rosemary New York 



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